About Me

Hi my name is Rayne and I am Stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) of a wonderful, loving, energetic toddler boy whom we lovingly call Benji. I wish I could say that I always view myself as an SAHM mom or a mom at all! But that wasn’t the case. It was one of those, ‘ it would be nice if..’ kinda things. 

Then on January 11, it happened.. I became a mom. 

The maternity leave from my job was such a tease. ONLY six weeks with my little one and then i was back to work.. I could work out a part-time schedule with my job. but it still wasn’t enough time.  So my husband and I decided that we can’t let these precious moments pass us by, and we would NOT pay someone else to watch Benji. Shortly after, I quit my job of 8 plus years to do this SAHM ‘thing’.

A year and a half later, and we are still doing it. I have picked up a few side jobs to supplement my income. I am a photographer, so being at home gave me more time to hone my craft. I also worked for Instacart (hubby wrote a blog about that see here). I did party-planning, party decorating, and catering. I am very creative and have an arts and crafty side. 

First comes love..

Benji’s dad and I meet in Memphis, TN at a poetry event hosted by a mutual friend. We both were performing, and I was instantly drawn to his demeanor. He. Is. Hilarious!! After dating long distance for about a year (did I mention he was from Louisiana and I lived in Connecticut). We were engaged and married 7 months later. We have been married for 5 years. Our 3 year anniversary was a year to remember. 

Ok short story... 

We were planning on returning to Louisiana for a friend's wedding and to celebrate our anniversary with his family. Literally the DAY before we get on the plane to head to Louisiana, I FIND OUT I’M PREGNANT!! I didn’t know how to tell hubby; I spent the whole day taking tests, I mean it could have been a false positive right?!. So we have about an hour to get to the airport to catch our flight and before we leave, we exchange gifts!! What better anniversary gift than to find out you will be a dad (you can read more about our story here).

Anyway, year 3 was the year we found out Benji was coming! Life as we knew it would change, but we weren’t sure how much change to expect. 

Hubby gets a blog!!

In 2017 Hubby started BenjisDad.com. He was having great success with it and upon stumbling across a few 'mom blogs’, hubby suggested I make one. I admit I was skeptical about it. What would I write about? Who would even read it? Where would I find the time? But from time to time, hubby would say..’ see that right there would be a good blog post..’ or ‘where did you learn to do that.. I bet other mom would like to know that’… like I said I am a mom of an energetic toddler boy. I had to learn to get creative, quick.. So I did it. After all, he already have BenjisDad.com. If anything, it could be my outlet. 

so that’s what this is... 

My outlet... 

On BenjiMom.com you will find a little about everything... I mean, that’s what mom life is all about isn’t it.  As a mom  you are the cook, the maid, the baker, the planner, the photographer, the driver, the stylist, the hairdresser, the tour guide, the judge and executioner (lol) the list goes on. My mom used to always say, moms wear many hats. She was a single mom of 2. I’m sure she wore many more hats than I would ever have to wear. 

Hats off to all the moms out there!!

You ladies are the real MVP’s.